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Twitter préparerait une solution technique à la censure !

D’après le Financial Times, le réseau social twitter, préparerait une solution technique pour contrer la censure dont il est victime en Chine et en Iran !

Source : Financial Times

Twitter plans technology to stop censorship

By John Gapper in Davos

Published: January 27 2010 16:03 | Last updated: January 27 2010 16:03

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Evan Williams, the chief executive and co-founder of Twitter, which has been credited with helping anti-government protesters in Iran to organise resistance, said Twitter was working on ”interesting hacks” to stop any blocking by foreign governments.

Mr Williams, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said he admired Google for confronting the Chinese government over censorship and cyber-attacks on its service, but it was too small a company to take a similar stand.

”We are partially blocked in China and other places and we were in Iran as well. The most productive way to fight that is not by trying to engage China and other governments whose very being is against what we are about. I am hopeful there are technological ways around these barriers,” he said.

Mr Williams said Twitter had an advantage in evading government censors from operating as a network of internet and mobile applications, rather than as a single website. ”Twitter is a network that is accessed in thousands of ways,” he said.

Mr Williams was among executives of social networks including MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn who were challenged during a debate in Davos to make a statement against censorship. He gave the clearest account of how his company intended to resist surveillance.

This month, Google declared that it was ending self-censorship of its Chinese language search engine in protest at what it said were attempts from China to hack into its networks, and those of other US technology companies.

Mr Williams said he did not want to give details of the technology that Twitter was developing in order to avoid giving clues to governments that want to block its service.

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